A Year On: Life Without Ultimate Frisbee

What life has been one year without Ultimate Frisbee. Featuring The Travel Intern, The Wedding Vow, and more.


The Only Blue Boracay Left Me With

Boracay, Philippines  Removing my bandages to clean and wash up my many sandfly bites, I cringed internally and mustered whatever's left of my patience to keep my head together. I peeled off the tenth plaster on my leg, and the festering wound started oozing with pus and blood.  "It'll be okay, it's just some bites … Continue reading The Only Blue Boracay Left Me With


Chinese New Year, Singapore Children scramble over each other, while teenagers feast over Instagram photos, and adults chatter away at all corners of the room. I stepped into the noise, and found my grandmother seated unceremoniously on the couch. Her eyes lit up as we walked in, as it always had the past 20 years. … Continue reading Happiness