This is Home, Truly 🇸🇬

Mexico City, Mexico 

こんにちは  ¡Hola!  你好  Hey  여보세요
A clamour of languages filled every conversation.

It’s the weekend again and this time, we headed out to Mexico City to explore the heart of Mexico itself. Our group consisted of 4 Singaporeans, 2 Japanese and 1 Korean. It felt like a great combination of travel buddies at the start; but daily convos were a struggle, and I was left exhausted at the end of the day.

With a cluttered mix of Japanese, Korean, Spanish, English and Mandarin, we conversed painstakingly through our 2-day stay in Mexico City. Tangled-up words became a norm, and repeated questions became second nature to us. Replies were dotted with fillers, and interspersed with answers in their mother tongue.

 It was rare to go beyond shallow talk of sunny weather.


Our first destination was the colourful Embarcadero Cuemanco Xochimilcowhere we booked a boat for our 4 hour ride through the river. Needless to say, music was essential to a magical experience here. Within minutes, we realised that there was no playlist suitable for everyone.

We eventually settled for Naruto theme songs,
Spanish club music, 周杰伦 & BLACKPINK.

Girls at Xochimilco

A pretty sunny day at Embarcadero Cuemanco Xochimilco


Meet Yukako, Rio and Hyewon!

Despite our differences, it was clear that we all had one love in common.

Adultos 105 pesos

We walked right in and dug into a hearty spread of Asian food. Our barriers melted away as we embraced the warmth of fried rice, and the familiar taste of home. No words were needed to comprehend our unspoken longing for a home-cooked meal.

Sure, a tasty quesadilla, freshly fried tacos or morning El Moro Churros would satiate our tastebuds. But nothing’s better than a warm bowl of soup to satisfy the heart.


It is officially Day 30 in Mexico, and I know I’m terribly homesick.

I’ve fallen sick twice (like real sickness, not homesickness. Or maybe homesickness is a physical feeling), and visited clinics more often than tourist attractions. Definitely having a wholesome Mexican immersion with the variety of  bacteria that’s been in my system these past few weeks…

I miss close friends that I share stupid secrets with, and I miss the usual routine of seeing them often.



I miss teh bing and fish soup, I know I’m gonna have so much of these when I’m back home.

And of course, I miss my family more than anything in the world. It is true that when you fall sick, you’re stripped of all your mental and physical strength. I thought about home so much this month, that it feels as if I’ve been away for a year.

I’m sure I’ll leave a piece of my heart in this beautiful country by the end of my five months here. But for now, home will still be the little Red Dot 3 days away from here 🇸🇬

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