10 Street Foods You Must Try in South Korea for under S$6

Walking along the streets of South Korea, you’ll come to realise the abundance of street food this beautiful country has to offer. A 2-week stay allowed for an amazing treat to its local flavour, which left me smacking my lips and wanting more each time!

Ranging from 1,000won (S$1.20) to 5,000won (S$6), you can indulge in a variety of street foods in South Korea that will make your heart and soul flutter with happiness.

1. Hotteok 호떡

This is my ultimate favourite street food from South Korea! Pronounced as “ho-tok”, it is fried dough shaped as a pancake, that contains either red bean paste or peanut butter (depending on the stall owner themselves).

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Usually served in a cup, this snack is sweet and can be found anywhere. My favourite type is in Namdaemun Market, in a roadside stall opened by an ahjumma that is only 5mins from the entrance.

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Price: ~1,000won (S$1.20)

2. Gook Hwa Bbang

This reminds me of Mr. Bean red bean pancakes when I first saw it, and hence I decided to try this. I really loved this as the ahjummas would put in a generous amount of red bean paste and it was so so so heartwarming. Definitely worth trying!

Gook Hwa Bang.JPG

Price: 8 pieces for 2,000won (S$2.40)

3. Pajeong 파전

Pajeong is a batter of egg, flour and other ingredients depending on the type you order. You’ll probably be familiar with the Kimchi Pancake since it’s everywhere in Singapore, but pajeong tastes pretty different in South Korea. The most commonly found would be the one with green onions, or with kimchi!


Price: ~4,000won (S$4.80)

4. Hodu-gwaja / Walnut Cake 호두과자

Omg the walnut cake is absolutely AMAZING!!! This is usually purchased during a long bus ride to another part of Korea, and can be found during the half way stopovers. The walnut cake is red bean filled (the craze is real), freshly bakes and put into a paper bag for your convenience.

Price: ~2000 won for 8

5. Bindae-tteok / Mungbean Pancake 빈대떡

Green bean in Singapore is actually known as mungbean in Korea, and this famed pancake can be found especially in Gwangjang Market. It does look similar to the hottock, but the bindae-tteok will be bigger than the size of your face.

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The bindae-tteok is definitely a street food to be shared amongst 2 to 3 people. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t sweet and instead tastes most similar to the hae piah ji 蝦餅煎, or deep fried prawn fritters, you can find in Pasar Malams.

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Price: 5,000won (S$6)

6. Gyeran-ppang / Egg Bun 계란빵 

The egg bun was a pretty unique find along the street to Ewha University.  As it had a whole egg in it, I expected it to be somewhat savoury. But the egg bun is actually sweet and can be found in street stalls all over Korea.

Egg Bun 2

Served in a paper cup, this street food was especially satisfying after a cold rainy day in Seoul. A bite into this delight is sure to leave you wanting for more 🙂

Egg Bun

Price: 1,000won (S$1.20)

7. Eomuk / Fish cake 어묵

Eomuk, or fish cakes, are pretty much the staple street food in Korea. You can find this in almost every corner you turn into, and most Koreans would stop by to grab a few before moving on to work/home.

Fish cakes taste pretty much the same so it doesn’t matter which stall you try. Swipe sweet sauce on top of it, and get an unlimited supply of piping hot soup (something you’ll be grateful for in the cold, rainy weather).


Price: ~1,000won per stick

8. Fried Ice Cream

Found along the streets of Myeongdong, the fried ice cream was a popular treat to enjoy in the hot summer weather. You can easily find this as you walk along the streets (though you may be easily tempted by the array of choices you have in Myeongdong!!!)

Fried Ice Cream 2.jpg

Price: 3,000won (S$3.60)

9.  Gimbap 김밥

Also a personal favourite, I felt like I had gimbap almost every alternate day 😂 I tried kimbap from street stalls, and also from convenience stalls like C U, and all of them tasted amazing ☺️😍


However, I realise there are two ways the Koreans actually wrap their gimbap. One is the Makisan-style, which is as depicted above. Another way (which is the way it is served in Gwangjang market is as shown below).

Kimbap 2.JPG

Price: ~2,000won (S$2.50) in convenience stalls, 3,000won (S$3.60) in eateries

10. Tteokbokki 떡볶이

This is probably not a new Korean food to most Singaporeans as you can find it in any Kopitiam/Koufu Korean stall. Tteokbokki is especially popular amongst Koreans, as they enjoy the spicy flavour of the chewy rice cake.


Price: ~2,500 – 4000won (S$3 – S$4.80)

Whether you’re a foodie, or a tourist on a hunt for the best experience in South Korea, these street foods will definitely be an eye opener to the local flavours this country has to offer.  Of course, this list is far from encapsulating what street foods there are, but these are the most common ones I saw along the streets and I believe you’d love and enjoy as much as I did 😇

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