WOW Time flies by so fast, and it’s already one month post-op! I’ve spent the past month doing absolutely nothing interesting HAHAHA but recovery has been good so far. It has been a trying month, and there are many stories to tell, so here’s a throwback of my knee’s life for the past month!!!

Achievements Thus Far

  • Definitely able to walk without crutches/shower on my own by now
  • Can take public transport with no fear LOL
    • Gurl, this is truly an achievement.
  • Hit >30 seconds for wall-sits (OMG THIS WAS REALLY A GOOD FEELING)
  • Hit 90 degrees for a half squat (from 60 degrees)
  • Leg press: hit a maximum of 70 pounds, which is almost half of my left leg.

At my one month milestone, I finally started cycling!!!!!!! This was definitely huge for me, and still q. happy about it hahahahaha Physio is really fun though, since I won’t dare to do as much without proper supervision for now. Prolly will soon tho!

Still a disaster

  • Squats (can’t really do it that well)
  • Jumping
  • Running (didn’t bother trying)
  • Just tried throwing and it was a disaster LOL

Hmmmm, physical wise, it doesn’t hurt and it’s not a struggle doing things on my own anymore (a huge relief). The scariest time of my day would probably be taking public transport. No, I don’t get a seat all the time, but it’s okay now since my knee is better anyway.

I’ve also had some memorable MRT moments:

  • A pregnant lady gave up her seat for me omg, and I didn’t even realise she was pregnant until I sat down… I stood to give her the seat but she didn’t want it back 😭😭 😭
  • I stood up to give my seat to an elderly lady, and she pushed me back down onto the seat. #badqin

Worst Experiences So Far

  1. Week 1 – A beetle flew near my face and I couldn’t even run away (much to the amusement of my mum)
  2. Week 2 – I was getting off a train at peak hours and there was A LOT of people walking around with their phones. They also don’t watch where they go, so it was quite scary… Especially frustrating when I walk so slowly too.
  3. Week 2 – I got stuck in a situation where I was forced to climb down 6 flights of stairs after a movie, with an entire crowd rushing behind me (and no I didn’t know you could get out the normal way if I asked weeps)


(graphic photos included, though it isn’t really THATTT graphic la XD)

Week 1

This was 5 days post operation, when I went to redress my wounds. The stitches were still on, but no infection whatsoever.

[Read also:  Post Op: Day 5 of ACL Reconstruction Surgery]

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Week 2

It does look really scary, but it doesn’t hurt at all. The nurses just cleaned my wounds in 5 minutes and there goes my $13.90 🙂 My skin is wrinkled coz of the bandages, and not the stitches itself.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I had a really bad bruising on my calf area though, and iced it like crazy everyday to get rid of it. Looks really bad as well, but it didn’t hurt much, it’s just ugly LOL. The bruise disappeared after a week 🙂


Week 3

Stitches were removed and it doesn’t look as bad anymore! Just a bit of scarring, but it looks like nothing compared to my previous scars so… 🙂 It’ll prolly heal in seconds hehehe

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Week 4 

After one month, it’s barely visible which is GREAT. Right now it doesn’t hurt at all as well so it’s pretty much okay! YŸŸYŸYYAAAAŸYYY

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Approximate Recovery Timeline

  • Post-Op 1 month: Walking & Cycling 🌦
  • Post-Op 3 to 4months: Can start running 🙌🏾
  • Post-Op 6 months: Recre Sports🎈
  • Post-Op 9 months: Back to Competitive! 🐳

HAHAHAHA omg this is so ancient ^

About Going Back to Ultimate Frisbee

I stopped playing Ultimate since July 28th, 2016, so by the time I go back, it’ll probably be an entire year off the fields. I was super against going back at the start ‘coz I had so many injuries (sprained ankle, fractured elbow, and now the torn ACL). But now, at least I’m on track to recovery,  so it’s more of a possibility now. 

I was going through all my past photos and
awwwww man…. GOOD TIMES!!!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

To even more milestones on my 2nd month! 

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