The Most Underrated Romantic Fall Destinations

When it comes to beautiful romantic destinations, there are many popular spots couples have in mind to pop the question or a bottle of champagne or two. But doing so with a horde of people around is a bit of a romance killer. Furthermore, the best memories are made not visiting famous landmarks, but in appreciating those landmarks with your significant other.

This fall, imagine walking down lush orangey carpets, and embracing the light autumn breeze with your special someone. Be it romantic fields of lavender, or stunning mountains and castles, these are 7 of the most underrated romantic fall destinations around the world. Save the date today and let your love envelope these magical places!

1. Klevan, Ukraine: Tunnel of Love

Tunnel Of Love_Underrated Romantic Fall DestinationsCredit: Suzzstravels

Every girl has her own fairytale story, or an ideal proposal, dream date or wedding dream come true. The Ukraine Tunnel of Love is a magical fortress, known to grant your prayers if you and your partner were to make a wish. This may be the place where sparks fly and your fairytale comes to life. With the dramatic backdrop of warm orangey leaves enveloping you and your loved one, there is no better place for a romantic time with your significant other.

2. Bavaria, Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle

Neushwanstein Castle_Most Underrated Romantic Fall Destinations 1.jpgCredit: Rekato

Neushwanstein Castle_Most Underrated Romantic Fall Destinations 2.jpg.jpgCredit: Wallpaperstock

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a majestic castle where a fortress of trees protected the empire, and where rows of mountains stood guard behind. Since the 19th century, the Neuschwanstein Castle has been dubbed the ‘Fairytale King’, and many couples would love to visit this dreamy castle for a magical Disney-like holiday, or for a wedding photoshoot to remember. Even if you’re single and looking for your Prince Charming, you may find your special one if you leave your glass slipper behind!

3. Manhattan, New York City: Central Park

Central Park_Most Underrated Romantic DestinationsCredit: Juliasea

Rowing down the scenic lake of New York Central Park is the perfect weekend getaway for two, especially if you’re looking for a quiet and undisrupted time together. As you sail through the reflections of the Earth, and rustle in the colours of the wind, this may be the special moment you’ll spill your innermost secrets and confessions to each other…

New York Central Park also features the Belvedere Castle, the world famous Tavern on the Green and also the memorable Boathouse Restaurant on the Lake, everything for a complete date set in a scenic location. In fact, this fall will be an even better time to embrace the orange glow and calmer side of the usually bustling New York City.


4. Waitomo, New Zealand: Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Taking a slow boat ride through the pitch black cave, the New Zealand Waitomo Glowworm Cave may be one of the most unique places you’ll get to experience a boat tour. As you glide through the peaceful silence, it feels as if time slowed down for you to embrace the beauty of the shimmering lights above. Although this does not feature the autumn foliage, the Glowworm Cave is definitely an underrated romantic hangout for two at just the right temperature this fall.

Waitomo Caves_Most Underrated Romantic Destinations.jpgCredit: Mana Tours

5. USA: Hilly Autumn Avenue

The Hilly Autumn Avenue looks like it popped out of a romantic film. The path features a long walkway lined on either side, with endless rows of overarching trees and perfectly scattered leaves. As the breeze passes by, you can imagine your life in slow-mo — taking off your cashmere gloves, catching the falling leaves and feeling the soft brown leaves between your fingers…

The Hilly Autumn Avenue will definitely enchant anyone who is lucky enough to visit this place during fall. Maybe one day, this could be the aisle you walk down hand in hand in holy matrimony!

6. Canada: Canadian Rocky Mountains

Canadian Rocky Mountains_Most Underrated Romantic Fall DestinationsCredit: Christopher Martin Photography

Overlooking the exceptionally breath-taking panoramic views of Mother Nature, the Canadian Rocky Mountains form a striking snapshot of the great outdoors that attracts many visitors annually. With its rugged mountain peaks, endless fields of fiery orange trees and crystal clear waters, the Canadian Rocky Mountains is a must-go for the ones who enjoy spending time with nature.

The Canadian Rockies consist of four national parks, including Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho, so you will have many locations to choose from to set up your picnic mats for the day! In addition, if you’ve never seen a fossil before, you may want to check out The Burgess Shale fossil site and experience a unique moment in time together.


7. Mojave Desert, Las Vegas: Valley of Fire State Park

valley-fire-state-park-nevada-usa_Most Underrated Romantic Fall DestinationsCredit: fwallpapers

Imagine falling asleep under a blanket of twinkling night stars, or snuggling into your warm cozy blanket with your favourite person. This may soon become your top favourite place to hang out at, especially when the red rocks offer an entirely different dating experience than you’d imagine. Indeed, the Valley of Fire is known for its immense and vivid red sandstone formations, which was formed since the age of dinosaurs!

What’s more, this place is great for the adventurous – explore the hidden lands by hiking, camping, and picnicking in the great outdoors. However, temperatures can drop to freezing cold levels and a parka will come in handy for blocking the winds and staying warm effectively while out on the Rocks. As you savour the sky full of twinkling night stars, toast up some marshmallows and melt into the sweetness of love.

Tuscan landscape_Most Underrated Romantic fall Destinations.jpgCredit: momondo

As the leaves slowly turn to red, it is high time to head down to these 7 underrated places for a romantic date! Featuring the breathtaking panoramas, scenic brown foliage and charming cities, these destinations will be sure to leave behind even more happy memories — truly #relationshipgoals.

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