10 Perks of Being a Bai Ka

Feeling sian that you’re stuck at home for another day? Being home can get boring at times, especially if everyone’s out working/studying, and when there’s not a lot of things you can do without needing to walk. I’ll usually be home alone, unless a friend comes over for a few hours to entertain me.

Looking at the bright side of life, there are a lot of perks of being injured, some of which have been quite enlightening 😂 🙋🏽  If you’re down on your happiness scale, and feeling FOMO, here are 10 reasons to stay happy about being injured! 😬🏅💫

1. Being Showered with Gifts

This is definitely super shiok HAHAH, getting so much free food and drinks (I’ve been drinking Koi every day LOL) and I get snacks that I usually wouldn’t even buy for myself. I’m actually spoiled for choice when I feel like snacking something, from Harribo to chocolate bars, to chips, and cakes. Super unhealthy, so I haven’t been eating them… yet. 🙌🏾 😇


2. Saving Money 

I still have 3 weeks before internship starts, and I’ll be at home all the time till then. This means spending minimally on lunch/dinner/supper and not spending at all for movie dates, or other forms of entertainment for almost a month. Hence, I can save up more for exchange and travel more next time when I’m back to being able-bodied again!!! 🙆🏼 🌈 ⛄️


3. Lots of Care & Concern

This was also pretty overwhelming — a lot of friends have been texting me to ask how I’ve been, and they’re still concerned about my mobility/pain level. It doesn’t hurt at all for now (yay to painkillers), and I’m more able to walk so it really isn’t that bad.

Many friends have also been dropping by to visit as well (some with surprise guests too!), and they’d always ask if I have cravings so that they can get something I want (usually Teh Bing HAHAHA) It’s so nice to know that some people go out of their way to make sure you’re doing okay ☺️🐳  Thank you lots fwens!!! 💫💫


4.  Freedommmmmmmm~

I chose to get my operation done after finals, instead of mid-way through school, so I don’t have to stress about missing lessons, needing to go to school to attend meetings, doing work, and submitting papers, etc. Also since school’s out and summer is here, I get the luxury of doing anything I want 🐶

giphy (1).gif

5. Connecting with Friends I Usually Wouldn’t Have

Some friends are pretty much low maintenance, and thus highly possible to lose touch after a while. However, because of my operation, I’ve got to talk or meet with friends I usually wouldn’t have. SO YES — MY KNEE GIVES ME FRIENDS HAHAHA ☺️🏅


6.  Losing Weight

Since walking is a chore, I would usually be too lazy to get up just to get some snacks/drinks, which I probably would have on a normal basis. So less snacking for a while hehehe I don’t know if I’ve lost weight yet coz I can’t stand on the weighing scale without my crutches (LOL). If I lose any weight, it would probably be due to muscle mass too 😦 but oh wells, I’ll work to get it back in no time ya 💪🏼 💪🏼


7. Improvising to Make Things Work

One thing I never thought of was that while using my crutches, I can’t hold on to anything else that I may need (aka. phone/cup of water/laptop). I broke a plate today opps… Hence I carry my backpack around home, and it contains all the magazines, medicine, laptop chargers, etc. that I’ll need. Also suddenly feeling thankful for being tall and lanky, so that I can reach over to grab stuff instead of walking over to get it hahaha


8.  Sleeping 24/7

Apart from writing or watching shows, sleeping would be the next top activity hahahaa Most of my medicine is the drowsy kind, and I would end up taking 2 hours naps a go HAHA #lazypig


9. Letting Reality Hit a lil’ Bit Later

Due to my ACL operation, I got a 3-week period of medical leave, and hence I get to start my internship a bit later than the agreed date. This means more time to chill before facing reality hahah I will probably get a bit bored towards the end, but okay, this is a good problem to have HAHA 🙋🏽 ☺️


10. More Family Bonding Time 

Definitely a lot more family bonding time than I usually would have after my op! Since I’m home all the time, I will get to talk to my sisters and parents a lot more than usual, which is good good good ☺️

Nonetheless, if you’re still sad/lonely/bored, hmu and we can chat all day HAHAHA It’s all part of the rehab process, and staying positive will really make life a lot easier during this period. Hopefully my FOMO feels won’t hit so soon 🌦 😛


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