Day 0 – 1 of ACL Reconstruction Surgery

“Hello what’s your name and NRIC? Why are you here?
Which knee are we operating on?” 

Wait… you mean you don’t know why I’m here today?

“Hahaha Miss, just to confirm that we are operating on your right knee,
do not worry.”

Heaving an internal sigh of relief, I was then asked the above questions 5 times by 5 different doctors/nurses. Since this ACL Reconstruction operation is my first ever major operation, I was pretty scared at the start. And this was made worse when some of the nurses attending to me looked very young…

Before entering the ward to change out into a blue gown, I was starving from fasting before the operation. Since my op was at ~12 – 1pm, the last timing I could eat was 8 hours before (which was 5am), and I was too lazy to wake up just to eat (BIGGEST REGRET EVER).

I slept till 9am, drank a bit of water and just chilled till I had to head over to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. As I waited to be registered, I watched the TV, which just so happened to be playing Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Foods – a TV Programme that showed Chef Jamie Oliver making clam/seafood pasta, and it looked FREAKING BOMBBBBB 😭 😭  Must be all the karma I’m getting for making fun of other people…


I was injected with general anaesthesia on my left arm and this hurt quite a bit (omg I really hate injections). Then I was injected in my right thigh, to numb a nerve so that I won’t feel anything during the operation. The doctor was pretty nice, and he asked the other doctors/nurses to prop me up higher on the bed just so that I could watch the entire process via an ultrasound machine. While he was injecting, he explained the process but I couldn’t even see anything significant changing HAAHAH All I could make out was different shades of grey/black moving around, so I just kept nodding lol. Thankfully, it didn’t hurt much and by now, I was already struggling to stay awake.

I was then moved to the operating theatre, and it was like in the movies – bright, white, clean and sterile. The nurses buzzed around, and I tried to stare straight ahead so I wouldn’t accidentally see the equipment they were going to use.

“Miss, we are going to give you some oxygen okay,
then you can try to sleep after that.”

And the last thing I remembered was a hand putting an oxygen mask over my face.


I woke up, trembling vigorously and trying to make out what was around me.

“Hi, what time is it now?” I asked groggily.

“Hello you’re awake, it’s currently 5.30pm,” the nurse replied. “We will send you for an X-Ray and then transfer you to your ward.”

I slipped in and out of consciousness, and my knee and head felt as heavy as 10,000 bricks. I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t see much without my glasses, so I basically didn’t know what was going on at all.

After a while, I was moved to my ward, and immediately after, my family, Tek Wei and Jordan came by (thank you for waiting so long, and for visiting me!!!) I was still groggy, but felt more awake after a while.


Looking like a disaster

Then Joel Lee, Arielle, Sean Liaw and Daniel dropped by and got lots of food for me 😂  (perks of being injured). I remember finding it super hard to move about even on the bed itself, and was fully reliant on everyone else to shift me up the bed, and move the table nearer so that I could eat. It truly felt weird being unable to do all these basic things myself.

But anyways, I had a lot of fun with the rest and they left at ~8pm+. My sister and Qing Lin stayed on till ~9.15pm and we chit-chatted about anything and everything, with a cuppa Chocolate Milk Tea from Koi (thank you Mr Square!! HAHA)

When they left, I began watching Game of Thrones (Season 4), and tried to sleep at about 12am. BUT, the patient next to me was snoring super duper duper loudly, it was impossible to sleep… I even blasted music with Spotify (so thankful for strong Wifi), and just slipped into a shallow sleep through the AM. At about 5am, I gave up and began watching GoT again HAHAHA 😂

I finally fell asleep at about 7am, and to my amazement, Sheldon dropped by at 8am. 8 freaking AM, omg I can’t even imagine what time he got up just to come by so early 😭 😭 😭  I don’t even think I would visit myself at 8am?!?! And he literally bought the entire NTUC HAHAHA super sweet mannnn☺️ But since it wasn’t visiting hours yet, he was chased out after 30mins (welps). Thank you for coming tooooo 🎈✨ 😇

Then Daniel dropped by again! and awww, just felt super nice to see so many people coming by to say hi ☺️☺️☺️ He was more unlucky though, and could only visit for 15 minutes before getting chased out hahah (thank you for coming anyways!!!)

I then tried for the first time to walk, and woahhh it was so scary. I didn’t dare to put any weight on my right leg, and hopped around with my crutches. Thankfully, the nurse was really patient and taught me to use the crutches properly! I then got like 10 packs of medication and was discharged to go home.

Pretty eventful day, and the operation wasn’t as scary/painful as I thought it would be!!! I think the worst part was either feeling super hungry before the op and not being able to eat, or post-op when I couldn’t move and it was super difficult to pee/shower, OR THE SNORING LADY… #tilt 

Lennard dropped by after that and kept me entertained for a few hours and got Koi too hahahaha omg I think I’ve been drinking Koi every day since the op (ok technically that’s only three days) 😂  HAHAHA And soon after he left, I crashed and caught up on my sleep debt for hours 🙃 🙃 😬



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