Naumi Hotel – 7 Reasons Why You Should Go for a Staycation

The Wedding Vow

When it comes to long weekends and public holidays, many of us would take the chance to to cafe hop in Johor Bahru, or purchase a weekend flight to Bangkok. However, this could mean bracing long queues, or spending $200+ on air tickets for a mere four-day getaway.

If you’re out of ideas for a retreat destination, or reluctant to go through the hassle of booking tickets, a staycation in Singapore would be the perfect holiday for you and your +1! I’ve never been one before, and I initially thought it was kind of silly to travel to another part of Singapore just for one night. I mean… I could just stay in my bed and relax with all my pillows too right? I was proven wrong, and very glad to be so!

As I packed up my bags, I felt like a tourist ready to check out a secret corner of Singapore. With a camera in hand, and my sister’s in the other, I headed to the Naumi Hotel for a two day one night staycation!


Hence, here are 7 reasons why a staycation at the Naumi Hotel should be part of your Singaporean Bucket List!

1. Royalty Treatment at the Personalised Luxury Boutique Hotel

nightfall-at-the-infinity-pool-the-naumi-hotel-the-wedding-vowPriding themselves with great customer service, the Naumi Hotel boasts of having a top-notch personal experience at the hotel. We were warmly welcomed by the service staff throughout our stay, and it felt nice to be treated like Queens for a night. The entire hotel gave off a cool, pleasant vibe, and we were wholly impressed by the warmth of the staff here 🙂

Jia Qin.jpgProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

2. The Softest, Fluffiest Bed in the World

Oh my god, my eyes lit up once I opened the door… 

I literally tumbled into my dreams when I sank into the soft, smooth pillows and blankets. The sunlight filtering through also created a very dreamy look, and the entire room looked fit for a movie scene.


The Oasis Room


The Andy Warhol Inspired Eden & Nirwana Room

There are five different rooms you can choose from, and they are all designed or inspired by renowned international artists. We stayed in the Oasis Room, which also had a huge bath tub; buttttt I’m not exactly a fan of the bath tub life, so this wasn’t a wew factor for me. There was also a coffee machine, with coffee tablets/sachets provided for us!


The Habitat Room

3.The Rooftop – Cloud 9 Infinity Pool

I’ve never been up to the Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool, but this was a good enough resemblance. We headed over at about 4.30pm, which was generally emptier and cooler. Although we were only 10 levels high, we could see the CBD skyline, Singapore Flyer, and many more hotels dotted into the horizon.

I lazed on the lounge chairs and actually fell asleep for an hour… XD

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetSince we were there representing The Wedding Vow, we found that the Rooftop Cloud 9 Infinity Pool was one of the recommended places for a wedding solemnisation. I personally thought it looked amazingly beautiful and magical at night, as compared to the morning setup. In addition, the rooftop can hold up to 50 guests, and you can choose to have a buffet or cocktail reception!

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4. Free Gym for a Day

Usually, people who live in the hotel wouldn’t allocate time for the gym. However, since me and my sister do enjoy gymming (me for fun/physio, hers for legit work outs), we brought extra clothes for it! The Naumi Hotel Gym consisted of three stories – 2 for cardio (2 treadmills and 1 cycling machine), and 1 for the upper body. It was a bit small, but since we were alone, it felt like we owned the entire place. Good enough for a one to two hour work out for sure!

(P.S. towels & bottled water are provided in the gym.)

5. The High Life of Living in Town 

I loved loved loved that we were staying in town, because it is extremely expensive to be living in the Newton to Bugis area in Singapore. As the Naumi Hotel is located 10 minutes away from the City Hall and Bugis MRT, we walked out to Bugis Plus and had a nice dinner together. We also enjoyed dessert at Blackball – an absolute fav of mine thanks to Seth!

A major turn off was that I was 10 minutes away from SMU as well though HAHAHAHA

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Dinner out at somewhere in Bugis!

Being in the middle of town also means having the chance to walk around and absorb the bustling Singaporean life. If you do enjoy walking/running with the city lights, there are many fun routes you can jog through (e.g. to Marina Bay Sands or to Raffles Place)!

6. Having ‘Nothing’ to do 

Being away from my usual study spots and lazing areas, the Naumi Hotel Staycation felt like a good break from my usual routine. I was afraid I didn’t know how to spend my weekend here, but being able to catch up with my sister felt like a treat during Recess Week.


We had Korean Instant Noodles & McDonald’s Nuggets for supper, while watching my all-time favourite – Mean Girls. I love spending time with my sister, even if it’s doing things we do all the time, or repeating stories we’ve told each other a million times before. This staycation really allowed us to retreat and forget the world for a bit!


7. Buffet Breakfast at the Table by Rang Mahal 

Ohhhhhh, this was amazing too! We woke up at ~8am and headed down for breakfast at the Table by Rang Mahal, and were pleasantly surprised by the many choices we had (including a huge range of coffee, tea, Yakult, soft drinks, lots of jam, pastries, etc.)


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Staycations are a refreshing break from the real world, and will be a great holiday for you to rest your mind and soul. If you don’t know where to stay at, the Naumi Hotel is a must-go staycation place for all. With its amazingly designed rooms and breathtaking Rooftop Infinity Pool, this is the place to be for any weekend ahead!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetA huge thank you to The Wedding Vow SG & Naumi Hotels! 

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